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Dry Conditions Present Opportunity to Save Water Outdoors

Press Release from GGIA, August 1, 2016

With much of Georgia mired in drought conditions, members of the Georgia Green Industry Association are focused on promoting efficient outdoor water use and encouraging Georgians to save water in the landscape. Water saving tips aren’t just for professionals and can go a long way towards reducing water usage outdoors.

Georgia’s Water Stewardship Act limits spray irrigation to the hours between 4pm and 10am. This common sense measure eliminates watering during the heat of the day and reduces water lost to evaporation. More efficient methods of watering like drip irrigation and hand watering are allowed at any time. New plantings or landscapes can be watered any time of day for 30 days following installation allowing plants to become established in the landscape.

Currently no utilities in Georgia have mandatory water restrictions in place as the state is operating in a pre-drought status as planned well in advance through the Drought Management Rules of the Water Stewardship Act of 2012. Georgians have shown a commitment to this culture of conservation and have reduced per capita water usage. Utilities must petition Georgia EPD in advance of enacting any change to the state’s outdoor water use rules.

GGIA members are distributing a flier titled “Make Every Drop Count” to homeowners and customers. This complimentary information piece includes more tips to help save water including having irrigation systems checked by certified irrigation professionals. An irrigation system checkup can help identify broken heads, leaky pipes of other inefficiencies. A copy of the flier can be seen below and/or downloaded here.

Watering Tips for the Landscape

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