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Fall Annuals, B&B Trees, and West Coast Material

Fall Annuals!

Annuals will be arriving by October 15. If you have special orders, make sure to let your sales associate know with enough lead time to get them ordered for you.

Tree Farm Deliveries!

Another exciting announcement is that our new tree farm in Metro Atlanta will have material available — all at grower prices. We are currently expecting to have a hardy batch of 2″ shade trees including Bosque Elm, Nuttall Oak, and Willow Oak, as well as 8′ Green Giant Arborvitae and Cryptomeria. These will start coming in around October 15.

B&B Trees, as well as West Coast material will start rolling in around October 7. This is always an exciting time, getting in freshly dug trees, Japanese Maples, unique cedars and ornamental trees, and other interesting material.

Fall Projects?

Planning for Fall projects starts now. Do you have clients looking to install an outdoor living area? Are they wanting to freshen up foundation plants? Let us set up orders and delivery to your job sites with everything you need to complete your jobs.

Give as much lead time as possible for orders needing delivery, please. We know jobs pop up at the last minute, but to make things run smoothly for you and for our team, a 48 hour lead time is great.

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