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Protect Your Equipment From Theft

Several landscapers in the area have reported theft of their equipment at job sites and the Center for Urban Agriculture has given some great tips for preventing this type of loss. Even the theft of “just a blower” or “just a shovel” starts cutting into your profits. Remind your employees of these ways to protect your equipment from getting into someone else’s hands. (Source: Greg Huber, Center for Urban Agriculture)

  1. Train employees on company procedures to deter equipment theft. In addition, discuss what to do in the event of a theft or robbery.

  2. Take Inventory: Establish a routine of equipment inventory. Keep documentation and photo records of serial numbers, makes, and models of equipment.

  3. Parking strategy: Be strategic about where you park your vehicle on each jobsite or lunch destination. Park in well lighted locations visible to the work crew and avoid leaving equipment unattended in back lots or hidden areas that are conducive to theft. Position trailers so they aren’t easily accessed or swapped to another vehicle.

  4. Deterrents: Lock vehicles, trailers, trailer tongues, and secure equipment when unattended. Don’t leave keys in trucks or commercial mowers.

  5. Tracking Devices:  Install tracking devices on large equipment.

  6. Be Alert: Pay attention to suspicious activity.

  7. Insurance: Review your policy and ask your insurance provider about theft prevention.

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