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Wholesale Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important. ​


Plant Material Guarantee


Buck Jones Nursery guarantees all plants to be healthy, disease and insect-free, and true to name as purchased.

Beyond this, any plant purchased at the wholesale price carries no guarantee. We offer no guarantee as to the results of planting or transplanting plant material.

Sod Guarantee

We guarantee our sod to be alive, true to name as sold, and in good condition upon pick-up or delivery. 


There is no guarantee expressed or implied for the survivability of sod under conditions beyond our control (i.e. insufficient watering, improper installation and handling, chemical or fertilizer burn, or sod left on pallets beyond the day of delivery.)


Once the material has been accepted, we prefer not to accept returns of any material ordered in error, in excess of job requirements, or that your customer has canceled.

In such cases where we must accept returned material, Buck Jones will issue a credit for the value of the material less a 15% restocking fee to cover our labor costs. Such plant material must be in good condition upon return.

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