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Sod and Seed


Buck Jones Nursery started with sod sales 40 years ago and remains a strong part of our business today. We sell over eight million square feet of sod a year. That’s over 180 acres of sod!

We’re old hats at this, but know that for someone considering purchasing and installing sod at their home or business there is more planning involved than many other landscape projects.


When it’s time to purchase sod, you can’t just show up at a nursery have the exact sod you are looking for waiting for you to throw into the trunk of your car and be on your way. Because of the way sod is harvested and transported it requires some advance notice and scheduling.

Since sod is a living, perishable plant, it is cut to order and should be installed immediately. Your order is typically cut the afternoon or night before your pick up or delivery date and delivered to our yard before business hours to be prepared for pick up or delivery. 


Because we order based on our customers' specific needs and don't keep a lot of extra stock on our yard, we ask that when you order sod for a specific day you give us a 48 hour notice for cancellations. This allows us time to cancel with our sod farms, avoid having sod dry out from sitting on the yard, and maintain our pricing structure. 

Currently, we are able to get the following types of sod: 

  • Fescue

  • 419 Bermuda

  • Celebration Bermuda

  • Centipede

  • Emerald Zoysia

  • Meyer Zoysia

  • Jamur Zoysia 

  • Zeon Zoysia

In addition to sod, we also carry a variety of grass seed. The following are types that you can find at our Woodstock and Lawrenceville locations. Availability may vary by location. Contact the location directly for more information. 


  • Kentucky 31

  • Titan

  • Creeping Red


  • Annual Rye


  • Common Hulled

  • Blackjack

  • Maya


Buck Jones Nursery

Sod Guarantee

We guarantee our sod to be alive, true to name as sold, and in good condition upon pick-up or delivery. 


There is no guarantee expressed or implied for the survivability of sod under conditions beyond our control (i.e. insufficient watering, improper installation and handling, chemical or fertilizer burn, or sod left on pallet beyond the day of delivery.)

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