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Sold by the 3/4 cubic yard scoop. 

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Cowart Premium Hardwood Mulch is a native, long lasting ground cover made from raw forest material and recycled wood products that are Naturally-Friendly®. Cowart’s Premium Hardwood Mulch has a natural wood base color with blonde highlights and warm walnut shadows that look great in flowers, greenery, hardscapes and will frame architecture to maximize any landscape’s curb appeal.



All-Natural Chipped Wood Materials.



New Application: 1 Cubic Yard covers 81 square feet of landscape area 4” deep. Refresh/Reapply: 1 Cubic Yard covers 108 square feet of landscape area 3” deep.



Installing 4” of Cowart mulch around flowers, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation helps soil build a better landscape environment for your plants. Cowart Mulch Helps: Minimize Weed Growth, Moderate Temperature, Conserve Water, and Prevent Erosion.

Natural Hardwood Mulch - per ¾ cubic yard scoop

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