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IncrediSoil® Plant Mix, 1 cubic foot bag

IncrediSoil® Plant Mix, 1 cubic foot bag

SKU: 8020-IPM

Available for delivery or pickup at our Lawrenceville/Grayson location ONLY.



  • Cowart’s IncrediSoil® Planting Mix is an all purpose blend of natural composted forest materials and other Naturally-Friendly® beneficial ingredients that enrich any soil to make a great environment for plants. 



  • All-Natural Vegetable Compost, Composted Forest Materials, Peat Moss, Wood Ash, Top-Soil.



  • 1 bag covers 4 square feet of garden area at a 6” depth mixed with 50% native soil.



  • Cowart IncrediSoil® is ready for in-ground use directly out of the bag.

  • Blend with up to 50% native soil 6” deep to planting areas and around roots. 

  • Great all purpose soil for shrubs, trees, annuals and perennials, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.