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Halesia carolina 'Wedding Bells' 

Wedding Bells Carolina Silverbell


Wedding Bells is best known for its compact form and prolific display of large, white spring flowers. With a name derived from the winged fruits and the flowers that resemble small silver bells, this cultivar of Carolina Silverbell is a great little native tree that grows in moist soils and heavy shade. Discovered by Dr. Mark Brand in Ohio and introduced through the University of Connecticut, this tree can fill those dark niches in shrub or woodland borders and is best set off with a dark green backdrop.


Category: Small flowering tree; deciduous

Hardiness: 5 to 8(9)

Foliage: Nice. Darker green than other Halesia

Fall Color: Yellow 

Flower: White bell-shaped flowers bloom in April to early May; significantly larger and more prolific than the species 

Fruit: Winged drupe; green changing to light brown in the fall

Bark: Brown to black combination; ridged and furrowed developing into scaly plates

Texture: Medium

Shape: More compact and pyramidal than the species

Mature Size: 20' tall by 15' wide

Growth Rate: Medium

Adaptability: This tree prefers rich, high organic matter soil that is acidic, moist and well-drained

Native Habitat: Native to Central and Southeastern US extending west to Oklahoma


Halesia carolina 'Wedding Bells' 15G

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