THREE PALLET MINIMUM for delivery. For pick up, please call the office at 770.963.8227.


Available for delivery or pickup at our Lawrenceville/Grayson location ONLY.



ONLY place the number of pallets needed in the "NUMBER OF PALLETS" space.

All sod orders will be DELIVERED.


Since sod is a living, perishable plant, it is cut to order and should be installed immediately. Your order is typically cut the afternoon or night before your delivery date and delivered to our yard before business hours to be prepared for delivery to your yard.


  • Sod orders placed through this website will be filled in 3-4 business days
  • Pallets, unless noted, are 504sf each


We guarantee our sod to be alive, true to name as sold and in good condition upon pick-up or delivery. There is no guarantee, expressed or implied, for the survivability of sod under conditions beyond our control (i.e. insufficient watering, improper installation and handling, chemical or fertilizer burn, or sod left on pallet beyond the day of delivery).


Centipede grasses can transform your midwinter lawn into the envy of the neighborhood. Lacking the winter dormancy that most lawn grasses face, MH14 Centipede can stay lush and green year-round if provided with adequate maintenance. This species is best suited to decorative uses, as it is less hardy than other available varieties.


  • Hot Weather Tolerance: .
  • Drought Resistance: .
  • Cold Weather Tolerance: .
  • Shade Tolerance: .
  • Wear Resistance: .
  • Salt Tolerance: .
  • Recovery From Injury: .
  • Fall Color Retention: .
  • Spring Greenup: .
  • Mowing Height: .
  • Diseases: .
  • Weed Control: .
  • Insects: .


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