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Plant Material

Two of our locations are stocked with plant material of all sizes. From 4" ground covers and annuals to specimen-grade and large caliper B&B material, we have it all. 

Our Wrens Farm grows a large amount of container and B&B material, and we use our extensive network of high-quality growers to provide you with the newest and best material at the very best prices. Quality on our yards translates to quality on your jobs. 

If there's something we don't have, just ask about it. We will do our very best to locate and bring in your special orders if it is available from our network of growers. 

Ground Covers

Offered in 4" containers in flats of 18, as well as 1 gallon containers, we carry a variety of creeping ground covers and grasses. Liriope, Mondo Grass, Asiatic Jasmine, Pachysandra, and English Ivy are examples of the traditional ground covers we keep in stock, as well as many other varieties. 


Perennials can enhance borders and beds with pops of texture and color. Plants like Hostas, Heuchera, Lenten Rose, and Ferns are the most-used, but we carry a large variety of perennials to fit your needs. 

Container Material

From 1 gallon grasses and Boxwoods to 7 gallon Tea Olives and 15 gallon Camellias, we can find material to fit your needs. While 3 gallon material is the most abundant on the nursery, those who want more established plant material can find it here. 

B&B and Larger Container Material

A variety of material, both evergreen and deciduous, can be found in larger containers -- 30 and 45 gallon containers -- and we try to keep a selection of these larger containers in stock for you. They are lighter than B&B material and easier for use on some job sites.


Large quantities of B&B material, from 1.5" caliper Dogwoods to 4" Oaks and Maples can be found at various times of the year.

Fresh stock of deciduous material is typically dug in the Fall/Winter, however some can be dug in the summer. Fresh stock of evergreen material can be dug year-round with the exception being during the spring growth flush. 

Japanese Maples and Special Material

We are proud to carry a wide and wonderful selection of Japanese Maples, Cypress, Cedars, small specialty conifers, topiaries, and espaliered material. 

Buck Jones Nursery is proud to carry the following branded plant material: 
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