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Landscape Supplies

The following is a sampling of items our Lawrenceville and Woodstock locations carry. Products may vary by location. Contact the location directly for availability.

Crossties & Timbers

  • Railroad Crossties

  • #1 and #2 Grade Crossties

  • Pressure Treated Timbers

  • #2 and #3 Grade 6”x6”x8’ Timbers

  • Miscellaneous Crosstie and Timber Accessories 

  • Bright Common Spikes

  • TimberLOK Screws



  • 1/16”x4”x10’ Brown, Green, and Black Steel Edging

  • 8’ BEAST Paver Edging



FelcoHand Pruners, Saws, Loppers, Pruning Shears, Accessories

VescoHand Pruners, Saws, Loppers, Pruning Shears, Accessories

ZenportHand Pruners, Saws, Loppers, Pruning Shears, Accessories

Seymour MidwestShovels, Spades, Brooms, Rakes, Forks, Sledge Hammers, Axes, Mauls, Mattocks

Bob Histand Signature Tools: Shovels, Spades

Solo SprayersBackpack Sprayers, Seed/Fertilizer Spreaders, Assorted Parts


Earthway Spreaders: Seed/Fertilizer Spreaders

Kraft Tool: Brick Trowels, Sledge, Brick, and Dead Blow Hammers, and Rubber Mallets, Utility Brushes, Chisels, Levels

Assorted Landscape Supplies

  • Tarps

  • Gardening Gloves

  • Arbor Tie

  • Wooden Stakes (2’, 3’, 4’)

  • Tree Staking Kits

  • Palm Batten Kits

  • Ball Carts


Assorted Hardscape Products

  • Alliance Gator Maxx G2 and Gator Dust Polymeric Sands

  • Masonry Adhesives

  • Masonry Saw Blades

  • Geogrid

  • Stone and Paver Cleaners

  • Stone and Paver Sealers

  • Mortar, Cement, and Concrete

  • Concrete Masonry Units


Ground Cover and Erosion

  • Erosion Blanket

  • Jute Mesh (4’x225’)

  • XCEL Synthetic Straw Mat (8’x90’)

  • Straw Mat (8’x112.5’)

  • Landscape Fabrics

  • Weed Block 3x100

  • Woven Ground Cover (4x300, 6x300, 12x300)

  • Non-Woven Ground Cover (4x360, 6x360)


Silt Fence

  • DOT-A Silt Fence with Stakes (3’x100’)

  • Commercial Grade Silt Fence (3’x100’)

  • Miscellaneous Ground Cover Supplies

  • Sod/Landscape Staples

Zenport Tools
May vary by location


A Wide Range of NPK Ratios Including…

  • 14-14-14 with Osmocote

  • 0-0-7 with Barricade

  • 5-5-25 with Barricade

  • 20-0-10 with Barricade

  • Color Star Flowering Plant Food

  • Verde-Lawn Calcitic Lime



A Wide Range of Herbicides, Fungicides, and Insecticides Including…

  • Roundup (Pro Concentrate and QuikPro)

  • Glyphosel

  • Celsius WG

  • Fusilade II T/O

  • Revolver

  • SedgeHammer

  • XL2G

  • Chlorosel Pro 720

  • Crossbow

  • Diquat

  • 3 Way Max

  • ImidaPro 2SC


  • Agrifac Surfactant

  • Spray Indicator Dye

Chemical Lines
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