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  • Do you offer delivery service?
    We do offer delivery of all of our landscape materials. We ask that a person or person be present at the job site or home at the time of delivery to assist in unloading as well as to ensure all materials arrive in the good condition. Delivery Information
  • What is your return policy?
    We do offer a store credit for any materials returned within 30 days of the date on the original invoice. Materials should be in their original condition (plants must not have been planted) at the time of purchase. A store invoice is requested at the time of the return. Wholesale Guarantee Retail Guarantee
  • Can I purchase an item online and pick it up at the store?
    Yes! You absolutely can. You are now able to shop online for pick up or delivery from our Lawrenceville location. Details are on the shop page.
  • Why don’t you stock pallets of sod the way you stock shrubs and trees?
    Sod is a perishable item, and the way it is packaged makes it susceptible to turning into a 4’x4’x4′ compost pile in a matter of days. A pallet of sod consists of over 180 rectangular pieces of damp sod (soil, roots, and grass) piled on top of each other in layers. The sod generates heat and will start to decompose from the interior and lowest layers of the pallet working its way out if not removed from the pallet in a timely manner. We prefer to order in sod that is already sold so that it doesn’t sit on a pallet and decompose.
  • How do I get sod to my house?
    We ship sod on flatbed tractor trailers with a forklift on the back of the truck. This allows the driver to quickly offload the sod and set it curbside for the customer. There is a delivery fee for this service, but considering most people can only transport one pallet of sod at a time on a personal pickup truck or trailer which then has to be offloaded by hand, it is a huge timesaver to have us deliver and unload for you.
  • Why can’t I get Fescue Sod in the summer?
    Fescue is a cool season grass that shows a great deal of stress in hot weather, it typically goes dormant during a hot, dry summer and doesn’t establish roots well at this time of year. Because of the likelihood that the sod will not perform well at certain is installed during the summer, we do not sell it when the weather conditions are unfavorable for Fescue establishment.
  • Can I go shop at one of your farms?
    Our two farms, one in Wrens and one in Gillsville, are open to wholesale customers only. If you are a wholesale customer of our Lawrenceville or Woodstock locations, your sales associate can assist you with any farm needs you may have. Gillsville can only be visited by appointment. Contact us for more information.
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