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Grow Your Own Food With Tower Garden

You've been thinking about growing your own vegetables -- having a small farmer's market right out in your back yard. But there's just not the space and proper sunlight. The time and energy it will take to prepare the plot, plant, and keep the area weed-free is more than you have to give. But still, you want fresh vegetables for your family.

That's where Tower Garden can come in. Instead of soil and large plots of land, think aeroponics and a vertical tower that needs about 9 square feet of space.

Developed by Tim Blank, Greenhouse Manager for Epcot's agricultural display for years, the Tower Garden uses some of the same technology that is shown off at The Land in Epcot. Juice Plus+ purchased the rights to produce and distribute this technology for home use.

The Tower Garden uses AEROPONICS, a more technological leap forward from hydroponics. By using only water (fortified with a special tonic) and air to grow a plant, you yield prettier, better tasting, sweeter vegetables and herbs.

Tower Garden has a special blend of nutrients that is added to the water to give the plant all the "juice" it needs to grow healthy plants. Plants grown on the Tower have shown to grow faster than they will in soil and have to be harvested more often than soil-grown plants. Therefore, you get a higher yield of crops from the 20-plant Tower than a 20-plant traditional garden.

Besides being used for personal applications, there's room for Tower Garden in other applications such as retirement homes, apartments, condominiums, rooftop gardens, restaurants, and schools. There's opportunity around every corner to go vertical with our food sources.

So why would you want to use Tower Garden on your back porch, patio, or outdoor kitchen?

It's Healthier. It's easier to eat fresh veggies and include fresh herbs into recipes when they're right there in your yard. Increase your vegetable pallette by growing a wide variety of plants like tomatoes, peppers, squash, lettuces, spinach, basil, melons… basically anything that isn't a root vegetable is fair game!

It's Easier. From box to ready to grow takes very little time. One person can set the whole Tower up with little to no problems. That combined with the fact that there is no soil, which means no weeds, which means no soil-borne illnesses and insects, leads to you not having to do much work at all. Unpack, plug it in, set up the timer, and watch it grow!

It's Smarter. Because of its vertical aeroponic design, the Tower Garden uses only around 10% of the water traditional, in-ground gardens use. It can also be used as a teaching tool for your children

What all do you need to make the Tower Garden work?

Everything you need comes in the box. The standard kid includes the following: The Tower Garden, Seed Packet, Seed Enviro-Dome, Rock Wool Seed Starters and Net Pots, Pump, Timer, Drain Tube, Tower Tonic Mineral Blend Plant Food, pH Test Kit and pH+/- Solution and Measuring Cup.

If you don’t want to start your own seeds, you can order seedlings of your choice from one of our vendors.

How do you order one?

If you’re interested in learning more about Tower Garden grow systems, you can come into our office and see our display Tower. We have more information we can give you about pricing and installation ideas.

Contact our office at 770-963-8227 or at



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